Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Conference Realignment Final Draft

The NCHSAA posted its final version of the conference realignment Wed 5/2/12. The previous drafts of conference realignment had Franklin in a new 2A only conference that would involve lots more travel. However many teams appealed and the complaints were heard and with the high cost of gasoline, the NCHSAA kept things the same as far as the WNCAC conference. In the final version remains the same as the past four years with the exception that Franklin will be a 2A School along with Brevard and Smoky Mtn. WNCAC Conference 2-A/3-A Brevard 2A Franklin 2A Smoky Mountain 2A East Henderson 3-A North Henderson 3-A Pisgah 3-A Tuscola 3-A West Henderson 3-A