Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Erxleben Throws NO HITTER for Franklin Baseball!

Wow! Franklin's Jason Erxleben threw a no hitter last night. The Panthers defeated Tuscola 7-0. Jason struck out 9 and walked 2 batters on his way to the no-hitter. Franklin is now 6-13 overall and 4-7 in the MAC.

The Panthers are playing some very good baseball in the last week. Last week they defeated top ranked TC Roberson and now they get a no-hitter. Looking at the Panthers overall record is definitly misleading. The Panthers have let several games slip away after leading for more than half the game. Coach Graham has said all season long that if they can keep from shooting themselves in the foot, they can win every game.

The Lady Panthers defeated Tuscola as well las night. Congrats to both teams for sending the mountaineers home winless.



Anonymous said...

Its not all about baseball there is also mens track and feild going on right now also they have qualified almost 90% of the mens team to go to regionals it would be nice if yall would recognize them to they work alot harder than people think, they are also having there best year in the past 10 years.

Byron McClure said...

It would also be nice if I could have someone go to work for me, keep my yard mowed, and make sure my kids are fed and put to bed every night. And I am sure that the other men who VOLUNTEER their time and money to this web space would appreciate the same. But since that is not feasible, maybe you can help by keeping some stats and stories for the track team and forwarding them on to us. Or just send them to me, Byron McClure at
Let us keep the sour "us versus them" posts off of here. Those of us who brainstormed this site are neither paid or seeking recognition for it. We do it because we love the kids and the school. If you want to help us, we would love your stats, stories, and pics.

Anonymous said...

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