Friday, April 27, 2007

We Work What Info We Can Get

It seems as though almost weekly we at Panther Country get emails about how we neglect to include information on this sport or that sport. None of this is ever done intentionally to leave out a certain group of sports. The biggest problem is the lack of information available on those sports.

After a recent post about baseball here on the Panther Country Blog we were left a message that baseball is not the only sport going on right now. That is true. Not only is baseball in high gear, but so is golf, soccer, tennis and oh yes, track and field. There is no conspiracy here at Panther Country to not include other sports other than football, basketball and baseball/softball. In fact most of us (currently 3 volunteers) have either competed in sports at FHS or have family members who competed, including track and field.

Please remember that this blog and the website are all done by volunteers and we mostly work with what information we can find online and in the papers. The coaches are very busy people as well and it is not always possible for them to write stories and email stats to Panther Country for us to post. Not only do they coach, they also teach. (Big props to all the FHS coaches. You all do what you do because you love the game and the kids.)

FHS is an amazing school fully of great coaches and kids. Panther Country works hard to try and recognize each sports as much as possible and as much as time allows between our real jobs of work, family and church.

Please be patient with us and remember where we are coming from before you gripe about the lack a certain sports coverage on here. If you want to really complain, call the Asheville Citizen Times sports or the Franklin Press (although Andy does a great job covering all FHS sports).

Thanks for reading the Panther Country Blog.


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