Thursday, August 30, 2007

Franklin's Breakdown Against Murphy

By now you have seen that Franklin fell to Murphy on Friday to move to 1-1 on the football season. The game was nothing short of a heartbreaker. Franklin held an 11 point lead in the 4th with about 4 minutes left and let it slip away. Murphy took home the win 27-24. It was a tough one to watch.

That said, I was thinkning last night and I wondered, "can a loss be a good thing?". What do you think? Post you thoughts on the comments section.

The reality as of Friday night is that our passing game and pass defense is struggling. But, both of those, especially the passing game, can improve quickly. This loss could end up being a great thing for this team. Talk about motivation and wanting some redemption the next 2 weeks against other Smoky Mountain Conference teams (Robbinsville and Swain County). Knowing Coach Brooks, he won't let this ruin the season. The boys played their hearts out and now know the things they must take care of to hold on to leads and win games in the 4th quarter.

One other note: How impressive is our O-Line and RB Josh Young? WOW! The kid runs for 300 plus the first week against Hayesville. Murphy comes in and you know they are going to try and shut him down and he still gets 250 yards! Amazing running by Young and even more credit to another wonderfully organized O-line for the Panthers.

We will see what Friday holds against Robbinsville at Big Oak Stadium for our Panthers. If the Panthers hold a lead in the 4th, I don't think you'll see it slip away this week.

Go Panthers!

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