Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Panther Country Is Alive And Well

The first week of high school football in the mountains has been electric. Week one was a "W" for our Panthers as they downed hayesville 35-16 at the Panther Pit.

RB Josh Young had an amazing game. He was just 10 yards short of breaking the single game rushing record for Franklin. I am sure if Coach Josh had known he would have let Young stay in to break the record. Iit would have been nice to be there and witness it.

The offensive line looked pretty strong on Friday. I guess that is evident from Young's 313 yards rushing. The passing game needs some work, but it was slow out the gate last year. After a few games I'm sure QB Vose will have no trouble connecting with his recievers.

Panther Country is alive and well. The community is excited about another fun season and the coaching staff is as good as ever. We are lucky to have such a deep and committed staff for the program.

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Go Panthers.


Anonymous said...

Franklin high school football is overrated we only have one big name player this year in young and thats it vose only thanks about himself and no one else he dont care about fraklins lose he's going to play baseball and get more from that. Jason E. cant catch a cold if it slaped him in the face the d is lost out there all the time people not knowing where to go it might be time for change in the secondary coaching department cause they are putting people out there just because the are bigger then the other person you cant just be big u got to use your head out on the field not just put your head down and hope your going to lite someone up franklin will not get past TCR, AHS, THS, might have a chance with Smoky MTN never know i think that since they lost to 1A Murphy ha ha ha big heads they just might not get past ENKA ha ha ha something has to change

Anonymous said...

Nice comment from a fair weather fan. Its been a long time since the Panthers had an early season win, but the SMC cannot stay down forever. Franklin needs some competition in the early season as it will make the conference games better. Losing sometimes builds character. Dont think the Panthers will run through the SMC this year as the Black Knights and the Maroon Mcahine are waiting in the wings. In the big scheme of things, this loss did not mean a lot as the Panthers get to drop a game in the playoof seeding due to the endownment game. Big deal... Go Panthers